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Hair Loss? Thinning Hair? Baldness? - we provide the non surgical answer!

If you are looking for a hair loss clinic Birmingham for the solution to getting a full head of natural hair then look no further. We have many years (over 25!) experience in providing the non surgical, no risk answer to hair loss - full head, pattern baldness or thinning hair. Our hair replacement systems are completely non-detactable and available in any style and hair design.

We have many happy clients from all over the UK and offer FREE consultations - get in touch with us today to arrange a private consultation where we can show you how it all works and answer any questions or concerns that you may have.


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We can provide a full head of hair from as little as £485 - any style and design.

Q&A's - Can I shower and Swim? - YES! - Are they comfortable? - YES! - Are they popular - YES, WORLDWIDE! ...

Hair loss clinic Birmingham.

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Is Hair Replacement Really That Good?


You are no doubt looking for a hair loss clinic Birmingham to solve your hair loss problem - as you may have already found there are many different 'treatments' available, even going as far as tablets and going under the knife with surgery. What we specialise in is the non-surgical solution via hair replacement systems.

They are a full breathable un-detactable skin membrane which attaches to your area of baldness to create a full head of hair. We also offer complete made to measure systems where the system is made to your specific head shape and area. Feel free to contact us for more information - we are confident that we can provide the answer you are looking for.


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